And we have Launch!

So the launch was on Monday and I am writing this on Sunday. I have to say I am completely overwhelmed by the level of support from friends and family. I would of been completely lost without them.

I feel it was a success. I made some sales and nothing went horribly wrong! Haha. My anxiety has settled since getting past Monday but I have been quite hyper all week!

I have learned quite a lot this week about resin and the dreaded amine blush! It’s my new enemy I think. Basically if there is too much humidity in the room it will react with the carbon dioxide and create a smudgy smear on your resin. When your goal is Crystal clear this is not ideal. It is also almost impossible to remove! I tried all the suggestions I could find I think most actually made it worse! Sanding down and re applying resin seems to be the most effective measure. I invested in a dehumidifier and a heat fan for my crafting room to reduce humidity and boost the heat a little. This does seem to be working so fingers crossed. I think the heavy rain of the past 2 weeks has been the culprit.

I am creating a new range at the moment which I am very excited about and can’t wait to share it with you all! To achieve this new range it does involve me collecting special seeds from outside. Que me looking like a crazy person running around outside!

Below are my rose filament earrings! I am in love with these it turned out so well and they are so pretty I just had to share!

Thanks for reading ! Be back soon Steph x

Getting Ready to Launch

Hello again!

So when I started this idea of selling my crafts I thought I would come up with a brand name, set up an Etsy and some social media and hey presto it would do the work itself. But as I did some more research I realised that if you don’t actually work on it plug it etc no one will see it. I found a free course on how to sell yourself on social media, how to post when to post use of hashtags etc. It was a real eye opener.

As a result I feel as though all I’ve done throughout may is plan and schedule and list items using the best techniques I could to draw in some interest. This isn’t about money, but if I didn’t sell anything what’s the point? This has also played on my anxiety a bit, what if no one like it? What if people think this is a stupid idea? What if they think all I want or care about is money ? Even this blog, will everyone just think why does she think anyone will be interested in reading this?

I’m trying to think of it as this is good to challenge myself like this, because there will be people out there who think this is stupid or a waste of time. They may even tell me so. So what that is their opinion and they are entitled to it. I need to just keep moving forward as people set up these things all the time this is completely normal.

By the time you read this the Etsy and Facebook stores will be live and hopefully all functioning as they should. Why not check them out?

I’m excited for everyone to see the items I’ve made. I’m also excited to make more! I made a new trinket box tonight for the first time so can’t wait to unmould that and see how it came out! I forgot to video myself pouring it (a social media idea I had) it’s these little adjustments and things to think about so that I can create the content required. Just means I will have to pour something soon again ! Haha any excuse!

Hope you enjoyed my second blog (hopefully I’m getting better ! See you soon x

Where it all began


So this is my first ever blog post so bare with me. I am excited to start this journey with you all.

So why am I creating and selling items out of resin?

I have always enjoyed crafting, I find it calming and relaxing and just generally joyful. But as I got older life got in the way of that. There was always more important things to do. I had to go to work, maintain a home, a social life, a budget the list goes on. As time went on I wanted to find a way to be crafty again but for it also not to be a drain on me financially. So I did my research I watched YouTube videos I joined craft groups on facebook and discovered the joy that is Resin.

So I did it I bit the bullet I ordered some silicone moulds (far more than I meant to due to not reading the small print), some resin after researching the best ones, dried flowers, alcohol inks and some fillers and off I went. I converted the spare room into a design studio so I had a space to create. It took about a month for everything to arrive. I got started as soon as it arrived. I learned a LOT! It really is one of these things you can only learn through doing and I feel as though every day I learn a little bit more. This is what spurred me on to start the blog. I thought I should really write about this, but I will wait until I am really good. Then I thought but how am I going to remember every part of this journey? How I felt at each stage? How it’s helping or hindering my anxiety and what I’m doing to combat that. So here we are I am currently at the stage where I have some stock that is worthy of selling (that took a while) and I am learning about algorithms for Instagram, Etsy, Facebook etc to help build a following. Nothing is up for sale yet. I will post when it is and tell you about individual products etc. But I hope that this will help inspire you to start your journey too.


My unexpectedly large silicone mould order 🤣
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